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Stacked Pickle was recently highlighted by 1851 Franchise for our unique, low-cost franchise Sports Bar & Restaurant. Our restaurant franchise model is more than just burgers, fries, and wings. We are a lean operation with numerous key differentiators. To anyone curious how we’ve grown to nine (and counting) locations in a few years, and those of you who are on the sidelines, this article highlights five competitive advantages that accompany your business when you buy of a Stacked Pickle franchise restaurant.

Five Reasons to Buy a Stacked Pickle

For potential Franchise Owners who are looking to purchase a casual-dining franchise, there are a variety of reasons to choose a sports bar and restaurant – like Stacked Pickle. Stacked Pickle has many qualities that set us apart from the competition and our CEO, and former Super Bowl Champion, Gary Brackett, takes a lot of pride in our company’s team and culture.

Gary has revolutionized the overall operations of how Stacked Pickle is run and has successfully turned one restaurant into nine locations. Now, Gary is using his knowledge and proven business model to provide a franchising opportunity for entrepreneurs everywhere.

In addition to being voted Indiana’s number one neighborhood and sports bar, as well as Indiana’s third-best burger on the Indy A-List, here are five additional reasons that YOU should buy a Stacked Pickle restaurant today!

1.) A lower initial investment than the competition

The initial investment for a Stacked Pickle franchise is significantly less than most full service restaurants, especially franchise sports bars.

“We do a good job of identifying second-generation restaurants, so there’s an option to have a cost-saving agent there if choosing to build from an existing restaurant space,” Brackett said. “But we are also there to help find the right real estate opportunity for each franchisee, regardless if it is a former restaurant space or if we are building from scratch.”

Regardless of the space, the emphasis is always on providing “legendary service and a nice, clean atmosphere,” Brackett said. It’s also important to provide a local feel and flair, as opposed to investing in trendy pieces or designs that the customers wouldn’t even really value.

2.) Simple operations

For entrepreneurs interested in buying a Stacked Pickle, the brand’s operations are simple and support effective labor and production efficiencies.

“[Our] kitchens are designed in a way that you can either scale up or scale down labor,” Brackett said. “So it’s very efficient for someone to do multiple positions during busy times, and as your restaurant gets busier, you can hire more staff.”

During peak and off peak times in the restaurants, there is an option to vary the size of the kitchen staff. Brackett noted, a franchisee does not have to have five cooks. Two cooks can do the job, and more people can be added to the kitchen later.

3.) Freshly-prepared food

Stacked Pickle prides itself on offering fresh food, especially when it comes to its proteins. It’s one of the many parts of their operation and is part of the package when you buy a Stacked Pickle. None of their proteins are previously frozen. Certain side items, such as fries and onion rings and cookie products might be previously frozen for cost and efficiency purposes, but otherwise, the brand offers freshly-prepared main courses.

buy a Stacked Pickle, burger fries franchise“Our proteins, our burgers, our wings, our pork tenderloins and even our chicken tenders all are cut fresh and battered and fried to order, and I think that’s a significant difference from our competitors,” Brackett said.

And let’s not forget the brand’s signature item.

“Even our fried pickles are breaded and fried to order,” Brackett said, adding that it’s important for the brand to go “that extra mile” and not get everything out of a freezer.

“The majority of our menu is fresh, and everything is delicious,” Brackett said.

4.) A supportive team – and Franchisee – culture

Stacked Pickle has a team culture that actively supports franchisees at every level, including training, marketing and profitability.

“We’ve just learned so many valuable lessons opening restaurants and running restaurants,” Brackett said. “From Day One, we’ll be helping you and supporting you, from the discovery process through the first week of operating your restaurant. We’re going to be there alongside franchisees to help them launch their Stacked Pickle.”

5.) Appeals to a wide variety of customers

Appealing to a wide variety of customers is very important to Stacked Pickle’s success.

“We fit right into any neighborhood with our focus on being connected to the community in a highly localized way,” Brackett said.

Brackett noted that the Stacked Pickle menu offers a wide variety of items that can appeal to families with different palates. The brand has a loyalty program that allows customers to earn points, and also appeal to the different age groups. Plus, they have food and drink specials. For example, on Wednesdays,

Stacked Pickle offers $3 off of wings, and on Mondays they offer $5 burgers all day long. On Tuesdays, they offer $2 domestic pints and $3 craft pints.

The franchise restaurant and sports bar is also set up to create more of a party scene for late-night crowds.

“For some franchisees, we have the ability to turn it up at night, if you will, and have bands or karaoke to keep people entertained for the afternoon and evening, as well,” Brackett said.

The cost of a Stacked Pickle franchise location ranges from $413,050 to $916,350, with an average restaurant cost of $644,700. Stacked Pickle also offers multi-unit deals. The first unit fee is $40,000, a three-pack is $90,000 and a five-pack is $150,000. Veterans receive a 10 percent discount on the franchise fee.

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