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In late summer 2018, Super Bowl Champion, Stacked Pickle Owner & CEO sat down with Josh Brown. Josh Brown is a business lawyer and franchising influencer. The below transcript is pulled from Josh’s Podcast, “Franchise Euphoria” and the copyright for the content is owned by entirely Josh Brown. This has been reproduced to further highlight the interview and it’s lessons to help educate potential Franchise Owners.

Champion Turned Franchisor: Key Takeaways From The Conversation

Super Bowl Champion Turned Restaurant Franchisor with Gary Brackett

By Josh Brown

[0:22] Today’s episode features Gary Brackett, a former NFL player turned franchisor who owns Brackett Restaurant Group. Within that company, he founded Stacked Pickle, a casual dining franchise that has taken off in the Midwest and is looking to expand nationally.

[2:28] Josh Brown welcomes Gary to Franchise Euphoria.

[3:15] Gary Brackett is a New Jersey native who has climbed the ranks in all aspects of life with his unwavering work ethic.

[13:04] For individuals lucky enough to break into pro-sports, they sometimes achieve success and get “lazy” but Gary has always had a strong drive to continually set goals and achieve them.

Franchise Euphoria Episode Gary Brackett Stacked Pickle

[16:05] Gary semi-knew that once he retired from football he wanted to do something in the restaurant space and make a quality investment.

[17:26] While Gary considers himself a foodie, what really got him into the restaurant business was the recognition that people always approached him while he was out to eat. To maintain his brand, he started his company where he hoped people would come for his name but stay for the food. [This landed him on Franchise Euphoria]

[18:45] It has been helpful for Gary having a hand in two different types of restaurant spaces to give him exposure to how to run each system to its greatest potential.

[20:24] It has been a fruitful partnership with Jeremiah Hamman in running CharBlue since Hamman has a lifetime of experience in the food service industry and Brackett has the organizational tactics and pursuance to get a well-oiled, organized support system.

[21:57] One big way Stacked Pickle makes itself stand out as a franchise is offering low rates for those looking to purchase a

franchise. The way he does this is helping his franchisees find quality, second-generation locations to build out of to keep things cost effective.

[22:40] Another way Stacked Pickle stands out is by having a value-priced menu for a quality product.

[24:01] Gary has found that the work ethic he developed in the NFL has transferred over to the restaurant industry. The desire to never wanting to settle for being average fuels his drive and keeps his business on a positive growth trajectory.

[25:40] A large challenge Gary faces in the restaurant industry is the competition; new restaurants are popping up every day, so theyhave to be creative in their promotional endeavors.

[28:11] Gary’s large goal for Stacked Pickle is to grow 5-10 stores a year for the next 3-4 years, but he aims to obtain quality franchisees and be able to methodically plan out their success with them.

[29:28] To learn more about the Stacked Pickle franchise, head over to Additionally, Gary’s book about how to build a championship restaurant is due out in the next six months.

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Disclaimer: Gary Brackett is a client of the Law Office of Josh F. Brown. Both parties willingly participated in the interview with no incentive and strive to tell Gary’s fascinating story and highlight his brand in an impartial way.