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One of the things I major in as the CEO of the Stacked Pickle is G.S.D–Getting S*** Done. As the leader of a restaurant system with over 400 employees and a growing number of franchisees, leading by example is key. In our system, we are looking for one thing from each of our team members: RESULTS.

So many times when we give a team member a project or task and follow up, we fall into the eerie cycle of excuses. Excuses are the antithesis of progress. In this video, I share 3 specific questions we can ask to facilitate results instead of the customary enabler, “Why”.

Action Steps

When a task isn’t completed, many times it is because a clear and concise plan was not laid out from the start. The first thing a leader needs to help his team member with is gaining clarity on a plan of action. Action Steps help set an expectation with your employees, create a road map to getting results, and keep a person responsible for specific tasks..

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Once a plan is in place, a timeframe must be established. The reason excuses come about in the first place is that a deadline is not met. Establishing a timeframe moving forward ensures that both parties are clear on the new deadline. If missed, it also gives you validity in taking further action should the new deadline be missed.

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The first two parts don’t work without commitment. When we look at excuses, they really stem from a lack of dedication to the task. There is no such thing as a good excuse.

While emergencies sometimes happen, a lack of communication is a lack of responsibility for outstanding obligations. The most important part of ensuring results is “buy-in”. Results don’t happen without commitment.

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All in all, we don’t accept excuses high performing leaders & systems do not accept excuses. To quote my mentor & Hall Of Fame coach, Tony Dungy, the message here is simple:

No Excuses, No Explanations.

Plan it. Time it. Commit to it. EXECUTE.