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In today’s Franchise Friday, we meet with Stacked Pickle COO Scott Goodrich. He has worked ten years at Five Guys Burgers, and has experience with other fast casual endeavors. Scott walks us through the kitchen and discusses the focus on fresh, deliciously prepared food that comes with each customer interaction, and the operational benefits of owning your very own Stacked Pickle Restaurant Sports Bar franchise.

Welcome to a new edition of #FranchiseFriday!

The Stacked Pickle Kitchen

We’ve got a special treat for you today. We’re going to talk about time cost and how important that is when you are dealing with franchise operations.

According to Scott, “One of the main things that drew me in to Stacked Pickle was the ease of operation and the systemization. These directly impact your time cost which is labor and the costs of goods sold.” He goes on,” Our sports restaurant kitchens are a model of efficiency. The kitchen can expand and contract based on volume, and that’s key, because that way you will never over-staff and you never under-staff.”

When you’re managing your restaurant through the ebbs and flows of franchise operations alongside business cycles, our kitchens are set up they handle normal traffic flow, third party delivery, and catering all at the same time.

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