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This #FranchiseFriday, we head down to our Plainfield Location to talk with our GM there, Bryce Gerlitz. Bryce has been with us for 7 years and worked his way up from server to managing his own location. He has a bright future with Stacked Pickle and is an exemplar of our motto: “In Here, It’s ALWAYS GAMETIME”.

As Bryce puts it, “We are family.”

When Franchising with Stacked Pickle, expecting the best talent comes with the territory.

Bryce is a long-term team member who has a lot of experience with the growth of Stacked Pickle. The growth has been assisted by capacity for franchising with Stacked Pickle. Find out more at:  

Building The Family

Bryce discusses how this has become his family, and how comfortable and supported he feels working with the organization as they growth into a franchising Stacked Pickle business model. “This is very much a family thing to me, you know, seeing the growth of the whole company,” Bryce stated. “You know, I met my wife at the Plainfield location and, I mean, for me personally, I’ve grown from a 22 year old kid to 29 with Stacked Pickle. Now I have a family.“

“I have no plans to leave this company and I very much have a career here.”

A Community & Family Experience

When franchising with Stacked Pickle Sports Restaurants, it’s about refining the customer experience and cultivating a relationship. We want our customers to leave our sports restaurants, go home and think positively about it. Bryce goes on, “Anybody can give you good food. Restaurants are a dime a dozen these days.”

Bryce sees working with Stacked Pickle as an opportunity to truly develop the skills needed to develop these experiences and relationships. “I think what really grabbed me about our sports restaurant was we had the freedom as employees to give guests the experience that they can call to think about like we’re not just your waiters, your bartenders, your managers – we’re your friends, we’re your family, and that’s– that’s kind of what I think sets us apart.”

Bryce is constantly being praised for his attention to detail and quality of service. Listen to Bryce discuss what #StackedPickle means to him and what a Stacked Pickle Franchising has to offer.

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