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Gary Brackett’s journey from Super Bowl Champ to Restaurateur actually began many years ago. Did you know that according to the NFL Players Association, the average career length of any given professional football player is only 3.3 years? That makes what Gary Brackett accomplished in his 9 years in the NFL all the more incredible.

Coaching The Kitchen: The Journey to Restaurateur From Football

Gary began his football journey as a walk-on to the Rutgers University football team where he ended up becoming the captain of the defensive team and won his team’s defensive MVP honors. Going undrafted after his standout collegiate career, Gary signed with the Indianapolis Colts where he started as a backup, worked his way up to a starting position, was named the defensive captain for the team, and then won a Super Bowl. Despite all of these accolades and accomplishments, however, Father Time is undefeated and Gary retired in 2012.

Despite his almost decade-long time in the NFL, when Gary retired, he was still only 31 years old. Retirement comes early for a lot of NFL players’ careers but the reality is that even those who have long careers ultimately end up retiring earlier than most. What isn’t a reality, though, is that retirement isn’t for everybody – a category that Gary Brackett definitely fits into.

Super Bowl Winning Linebacker Tackles Branding

Getting more and more restless by the day, Gary’s three-year-old son, Gary Jr., asked his dad what he was going to do when he grew up. It was at that moment that Gary knew he needed to make a change so he decided to go to school at George Washington University to earn his MBA and become an entrepreneur.

Gary immediately knew that no matter what type of venture he got involved with, he wanted to do something to monetize his brand. For Gary, that meant that he was instantly drawn to the ideas of owning a sports bar. The problem was, the brand he initially chose to get involved with wanted Gary to invest $2.8 million in a deal that Gary didn’t feel comfortable with so he eventually backed out.

Thankfully, life has a funny way of working out the way it’s supposed to. Back in 2012, well before Gary’s thought about becoming a Franchise Owner of his own, Gary invested as a silent partner in The Stacked Pickle. After the deal with the other brand fell through, Gary decided to buy out the full rights to The Stacked Pickle – and the rest is history.

As stated previously, it would be wrong to say that this is where Gary’s journey begins – but this is definitely where a new chapter starts.

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