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In our second #FranchiseFriday episode, Gary discusses why the Bloomington location from our first episode didn’t work. Gary digs deeper on what the right second generation franchise location looks like for potential franchisees at Stacked Pickle!

“Hey, this is Gary Brackett and welcome to another episode of Franchise Friday. I wanted to close the loop after our first Franchise Friday episode showing you a potential Sports bar franchise location in Bloomington, Indiana.”

The Ideal Second Generation Franchise Location

In our last video we talked about a couple of key things to consider: Visibility and Parking. We did not, however, discuss other actionables such as size, which we will get into further in this episode.

We talked about visibility of the potential second generation franchise location. It had pretty good visibility and was right up the highway.

Parking at this potential location was an issue – it’s a huge parking lot!

We’re looking for a second generation location which greatly reduces your investment costs. Your return on investment is based on what you initially spend on open up your Stacked Pickle Sports Restaurant, so in our case we would always like to keep that investment cost as low as possible as long as it’s a good location.

Franchise Locations Need Something Else: The Right Size

The main issue with the particular location (episode 1) was the size.

Our typical floor plan is anywhere from 4,000 to 5,000 square feet. This location is around 8,000 square feet, so in addition to the overhead of actually constructing the building, utility costs would have been through the roof with the extra square footage.

When you look at second generation locations, you want to make sure that things are in pretty good working order. You want to scout if the hood system, the beverage coolers, the bathrooms, things like that – that you could easily go in, do some minor touches and make sure you can transform the location into a fantastic Stacked Pickle franchise sports bar.

We are driven as much by Sports as we are community! That’s why Gary puts the focus on location. Stacked Pickle Sports Bar Franchising is lead by Super Bowl Winner, CEO, and Owner Gary Brackett. Stacked Pickle has nine locations, with eyes in cities across the US.

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