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Stacked Pickle is looking to use the power of franchising to continue expanding across the great state of Indiana! Former Super Bowl Champion, Gary Brackett, explains that now is the perfect time to expand into the Southern Indiana market. “Jasper is attractive because of its growth opportunities, geographic location, and demographics,” said Brackett. “We are looking to expand across the state of Indiana and we are looking for the right kind of Franchise Partners and Jasper is on our list of targeted markets.”

Brackett had originally planned to bring a corporate-owned restaurant to the area but ultimately decided that franchising was a better option. “Restaurants can be the ultimate team sport,” Brackett said. “One thing a lot of players struggle with when they leave the game is not being part of a team. In a restaurant, from your hostess to your kitchen staff, to your front of house staff, to your management, when it works really well, we work as a team. I really enjoy the team aspect that a restaurant brings.”

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